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About Us
Introduction D.W.G INTERNATIONAL TRAIDNG is an innovative export trading company providing fresh fruit and other healthy product to our customers.
Established in 2014 and based in Australia, products of D.W.G International leading to highly regarded and internationally recognised quality in fruit market. To better satisfy the needs and interests of our clients and deliver the premium quality product to our customers, we keep moving forward to improve the quality of our product and meet the satisfaction of our customer. Our passion and effort are all for one purpose -to be a brand our customers trusted to deliver fresh fruit. Our fresh products are all Australian grown and supply to local market and oversea as well. Our extended category of products offers our customer various of choices throughout the year. Just to meet every desire from our valuable customers for fresh foods from all over the world, D.W.G has developed strong and close partnership with logistics partner company over the past few years in order to deliver our products fresh and firm to our customers as they can taste the same flavour as in Australia. D.W.G International Trading corporate with people composed of professional with diverse cultural and educational background. We value those great personalities and qualities in our employees and business partners. We never stop on our path on seeking innovation on our business. Striving for highest standard in ourselves and value those matter the most to our customers. With a philosophy deeply rooted in extensive market knowledge, our objective of all business are always to achieve the maximised benefit for all parties involved. We believe in the benefits that our company values offer and are committed to benefit our customers and partners.
Our farm
Our farm is located in Mildura, north-western of Victoria, neighbour to the Murray River which is Australia’s longest river. Widely known as the food bowl of the Australia, thanks for its warm and stable weather, Mildura is perhaps Australia's most important irrigated region. Consumers today are having more choices on food, and we are proud to offer a growing supply of premium, fresh organic fruit to meet increasing demand. The perfect weather condition and rich soil in our farm assures quality of our produce. Using only natural pest control and fertilizers, our company is committed to providing quality, safe organic fruit to customer both domestic and international. Following industry-leading practices for growing, harvesting and packing, our growers and packinghouses ensure the highest quality organic citrus for consumers around the world.

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